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Gerald Ibanez is 18 years old from Caloocan, Philippines and is the only child of Susana and Geraldo Ibanez. Supposed to be in March 2015 Gerald is graduating and running for valedictorian in his class. Sadly, January 2015 Gerald went through a massive stroke and was not able to walk and talk since then. His story was posted by GMA 7 Kapuso Network Foundation in the Philippines which prompted, Haus of Komedians promoter, Brigido “Bryson” Gonzales, to extend his assistance. Haus of Komedians team have been generously assisting with Gerald’s medical and emotional needs until our young inspiration was able to recuperate and finally rose above his condition.
26th October 2016 Bryson personally met in person Gerald Ibanez and Mrs. Susana Ibanez.

We are sharing his story to show how important it is to fight life’s adversities. Indeed, there is always a beautiful rainbow after the storm and there are angels who will always guide us through the rain.We are truly happy with Gerald’s health improvement and recovery. His story will definitely inspire and motivate our team to reach out to more people.

Gerald, however is still in need of our continuous support and assistance for further recovery and when he go back to school.

If you wish to help Gerald, please contact Mrs. Susana Ibanez at +63 920 702 6484 or contact Bryson +61 435 740 992 or email at hausofkomedians@gmail.com

Together, we can show to Gerald the true meaning of humanity.