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Volunteers Terms and Conditions

Statement of commitment
Haus of Komedians is committed to providing a healthy and safe workplace for all volunteers and visitor in all of our events. We implement measures to support compliance with all applicable occupational health and safety legislation and industry standards, and strive to achieve best practise in the management of the health and safety issues affecting the workplace through continuous improvement.

The purpose of our safety policy is to:

Actively identify and manage workplace health and safety risks, through the systematic identification hazards, evaluation of their risks and implementation of effective risk controls;

Establish measurable objectives and targets to continuously Improve our safety performance

Provide support and resources to effectively implement our health and safety plans;

Engage qualified and competent personnel to assist with the effective implementation of the health and safety management system;

Provide training and education to all volunteers to assist them in understanding their roles and responsibilities in relation to occupational health and safety;

Build and maintain a safety culture that encourages volunteers to actively participate in health and safety initiatives;

Report all hazards and incidents. Investigate and implement control measure to eliminate or minimise risk recurrence;

Communicating, consulting and involving volunteers in process and procedures affecting their workplace health and safety.

Our responsibilities
All levels of management are responsible for the implementation of this policy.

All volunteers and visitors have a responsibility to follow our health and safety procedures, work instructions and system of work at all times. Safety for everyone is responsibility.

As a volunteer, you acknowledge and agree that:

1. To give your voluntary services to Haus of Komedians and the producer (referred to as ‘us’) without pay, to the best of your abilities and to comply with all our directions

2. To attend the volunteer briefing session, work the allocated to your shift notified by us

3. You will volunteer on the dates and at the time agreed with your Event Organiser (being our designated staff member, who will report to in relation to the event)

4. To keep confidential all information and/or materials concerning us, which you know or should reasonably know is confidential

5. To safeguard your personal property (for example bags and money) located at the venue and to understand that we are not responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged personal property

6. Not to bring any claims against Haus of Komedians (including directors, contractors, volunteers or agents) or the event for any damage, injury, loss or liability to persons or property caused by your wilful, reckless or negligent acts or omissions while providing the voluntary services

7. To your provision of voluntary services being photographed or recorded for use in broadcast, promotional or educational programs, and that these recordings remain the property of Haus of Komedians or our agents

8. You will report to your Event Organiser (or their delighted representatives) when you arrive at the Event site. You will be wholly responsible for your own transport to and from the event

9. You must, at all times follow the directions of your Event Organiser (of their delegated representative) in relation to the event. You must notify your Event Organiser if you are not capable of undertaking any task (including due to any pre existing injury) or if you are not properly skilled or qualified to undertake any task

10. We reserve the right to refuse you entry to or remove you from any event site, particularly if you fail to follow our directions of if you do anything to bring the event into disrepute

11. You must report all safety hazards or incidents to your Event Organiser (or their delegated representative.) You must pay due attention to the health and safety of all Event staff, participants and general public whilst volunteering at the Event. You will comply with health and safety policies, guidelines and procedures notified to you in relation to the Event

12. You participate in the Event solely as a volunteer and at your own risk. You are not our employee or our contractor. You are not entitled to any payment for service rendered

13. You are wholly responsible for your own acts and omission in relation to the Event. We will not be responsible for any loss, damage or injury that may suffer or incur releasing to or arising from the Event

14. That we may terminate your appointment as a volunteer if you do not comply with these provisions or engage in serious misconduct which, in our opinion, adversely affects our interests of Haus of Komedians

15. To allow us to use and store your information for the provision of other related opportunities, events and information to you in the future

You have read and agree to the terms of this Registration Form. The information given to us in this Registration Form has been given by you personally and is correct to the best of your knowledge and belief

As volunteer, you will receive and have:
* Opportunity to learn from behind the scene, during and after the event
* Networking opportunities
* Snacks and water
* Certificate of appreciation
* Reference